Two Books by Peter Walsh

It’s All Too Much was written before the obnoxiously titled Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat, and seemed a lot more useful.

Both books were written in a tone I found slightly annoying. It was a little too personal and informal. There were many pointed rhetorical questions. I guess I would have preferred a more analytical, objective style.

It’s All Too Much had some useful advice and did inspire me to clean out a few things. The other book convinced me that I should make the effort to buy groceries at the store that’s inconveniently on the other side of a steep flight of stairs and eat at home more often.

When and why I read them

My husband and I (and his parents and my parents, for that matter) are characterized by a distinct lack of minimalism. We have a lot of stuff. Mostly, that’s a good thing, but… far be it from me to reject well-intentioned advice on the subject.

Genre: Non-fiction (self-improvement)
Date started / date finished:  16-Mar-16 to 20-Mar-16
Length: 228
ISBN: 9780743292641 (hardcover)
Originally published in: 2007
Amazon link: It’s All Too Much

Genre: Non-fiction (self-improvement)
Date started / date finished: 29-Feb-16 to 09-Mar-16
Length: 231
ISBN: 9781416560173 (paperback)
Originally published in: 2008
Amazon link: Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat

Author’s website:

“Related” books

There’s no such thing as too many books about having too much stuff.

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