Laos (December 2016)

Below are 72 photos from the trip. As per usual, photos include:

  • vehicles
  • stop signs
  • signs and store fronts
  • textures and patterns
  • flowers, trees and other plants
  • buildings
  • scenery
  • a foreign beer

Photos from Hobor family trip to
Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Laos

Golden yellow! Seat belts are usually more self-effacing.
This stop sign is not exactly arresting.
Drink with tall flourish.
Normal drink.
Printed “lace” curtain.
“Matching” printed “lace” curtain.
Traditional woven pattern used as menu cover at Le Banneton (local bakery).
What is a purple sports car doing in Vientiane?
This pie. It beckons.
Flower florist. (Sells flowers.)
I’m used to seeing a serpent and staff; this pharmacy displays a serpent and cup.
Craftsman at work.
I couldn’t watch. That is the most take-no-prisoners table saw I have ever seen.
Pink flower.
Shopping in the showroom of Caruso Lao.
Funky house/shop. We bought some antique weights there.
Monument books. Open everyday.
Lobby of Hotel Khamvongsa.
Hello! Tuk tuk?
“Rep A Re” = repair
“Bicye Le” = bicycle
Less legible even than English graffiti.
Building needs some tlc.
This building, meanwhile, is doing okay.
As is this stop sign.
There’s a terrifyingly bloody tooth on this dentist’s sign.
I always feel like a celebrity when the airport doesn’t have a jetway. Except when it’s raining. But it wasn’t.
Airport. WIP.
Sunset in the clouds.
Red flower.
L’Elephant restaurant.
The new location for this weaving shop, the first floor of the owners’ house, is a beautiful gallery.
Main Street Luang Prabang.
Ceiling at Le Banneton.
Temporary bridge at the confluence.
Monks on the bridge.
Yep, the same bridge again.
My husband, his brother, and his brother’s wife crossing the bridge.
Papaya tree.
It looks like the Laotians are giving the Germans a run for their money in terms of long words, but actually the name of this temple is four words: Vat Xieng Thong Ratsavoravihanh.
This is arguably the country’s top tourist site, yet it’s almost deserted in the December tourist high season.
Golden facade.
Posing with a lotus bud.
Tree of life mosaic.
More flowers.
Some other temple and golden lotus bud.
Our hotel’s awesome bronze deer mascot.
Morning glory.
I don’t know about you, but it cracks me up seeing a hotmail address carved onto a wooden sign!
Bilingual stop sign.
‘Nother temple.
St. Nick, anxious for snow, looks out of place.
Hibiscus. See, I do know some flower names!
Another temple.
Boating again.
Okay, I don’t have any idea what this one is.
Beautiful scenery.
Beach holiday? No thanks.
You want to find me, look for me in the mountains.
The other temporary bridge in Luang Prabang.
Beer Lao.
Our ride to the airport. Early 70s model, maybe.
The handwriting on this menu fascinated me.
Emergency instructions in unfamiliar scripts always give me that “exotic vacation” feeling, but now it’s time to go home again.