Chinese Garden at Jurong Lake

My husband and I went to visit the Chinese Garden.

The place looked a little worn, which in a way was refreshing since much of Singapore is shiny and new and lacks that friendly patina old places have.

As the sun went down, there were a lot of people out jogging in the relative cool. We strolled around and I took a few photos before the sun disappeared and the park was filled with shadows from streetlights.

This is a pretty good map of the place.

Fifteen more photos below.

Entrance to Garden Courtyard.
Somehow this doesn’t look Chinese to me.
These leaves look plastic, but they’re not.
Orange marigold.
Gold marigold.
It’s a… trees?
Our favorite window pattern.
Pentagonal rotational symmetry.
We couldn’t go up. We arrived too late.
Bridge to Japanese Garden.
We couldn’t cross to the Japanese Garden. It was already closed.
For some reason I really liked this path.
Confucius, one of the Eight Heroes.