Visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is the sign in front of the Bukit Timah Gate to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. (I waited until the tourists with selfie sticks had gone inside.)

Below are a handful of photos of flowers, leaves, and paths I saw there on this particular visit.

These look a bit like those flowers that try to eat Mario. I bet they’re related to rambutans, but these are pointier.
beautiful five-fold rotational symmetry
flowers yet to be
purple rotational symmetry
stone path
Please keep to the footpath… or an octopus will erupt out of the soil and drag you down into the earth forever.
These plants look like they tried to grow oak tree leaves.
Something laid eggs under these leaves, but only the bumps remain.
spiny leaf edges
This plant has “cardboard” in its name because the leaves are so stiff.
quiet path through the Evolution Garden
These mini-flowers aren’t blooming yet.
This flower is a mutant! All the others on the same plant had five petals!
Here’s what the other flowers on the same plant looked like.
Needles create the impression of mist.
The way these leaves grow out of the middle in a spiral surprised me.
Here are some gigantic buds and a somewhat freaky-looking bloom on the same tree.