Small little bowls from years past

In Singapore I have a large collection of small little bowls purchased during my travels. However, the collection began before I moved away from home for good. Here are some of the small little bowls that reside at my parents’ house, which all probably entered the collection before 2003. Sadly, I don’t know where they’re all from. See below for details on these and several others I found during my visit to Atlanta.

The one with yellow inside is almost certainly from Italy. I distinctly remember buying a cheerfully painted small little bowl during the 2002 Easter holiday I spent with a classmate in Pompeii and Naples during a three-month study abroad program. We went to the island of Ischia for one night, and I think I bought the bowl there.

I think of that pink/yellow bowl as the foundation of the small little bowl collection—it might not be the first of my small little bowls, but either I bought it with, for the first time, the conscious intent to buy others; or, after I bought it and felt satisfied with the purchase, it made me realize what a neat thing it would be to collect more of them.

The grey/blue one is probably from Hong Kong, where I went with my then-boyfriend-now husband in 2001, but it could be from, say Chinatown in Chicago.

The brown one is anyone’s guess. It could be from a high school trip with my dad to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas or Sedona, Arizona, or from one of the places I visited on a high school church road trip that went through 21 states, or from a trip to visit my then-boyfriend-now-husband during one of his internships in Seattle. Or I could have bought it in a local crafts festival or yard sale. It could even have been a gift, though I suspect I picked it out myself. (I wouldn’t pick it now; it’s got more the shape of a jar than a bowl.)

I don’t remember where I got the purplish bowl. The blue one is one I made during a class I took at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, and, like everything I made there, has a terribly finished bottom. Maybe a power sander could fix the problem. (The cylinder is from the 2001 Hong Kong trip, and the pink vase is a mystery.)
Hong Kong 2001. These are pretty but even the bowl doesn’t quite fit in the small little bowls collection; the proportions aren’t the ones I decided I like best.