Atlanta (Sep/Oct 2017)

Photos from my visit with my family include 21 images of cars, food, and natural and man-made scenery around my neighborhood. See below!

Fellini’s Pizza is one of a trifecta of restaurants (including Waffle House and Moe’s) that I like to visit when I’m in Atlanta. I always get a salad and a slice of the the vegetarian pizza, which bears a striking resemblance to the salad.
Emo dumpster refuses to enjoy the Candler Park Fall Festival.
The Werts kids: one Singapore expat, one Metro-Atlanta homeowner.
His wings flap! If you’re really serious about decorating for Halloween, Home Depot can help you with that.
Mural at Little Five Points, an iconic retail district near my parents’ house.
Crystal Blue has been at this location in Little Five Points ever since I can remember. I like it because they sell minerals and other shiny things, but they also sell a variety of mystical books and equipment, and lots and lots of incense. I bought one of the glass prisms hanging in the window, and the box I brought it home in still smells like the inside of the shop.
Mural under a railroad bridge.
If anyone can tell me a place in Singapore to get breaded deep-fried okra, I would be eternally grateful. Shane’s Rib Shack is 10,000 miles away!
Walking to the auto repair shop to pick up Mom’s Subaru, we notice that hurricane season rains have brought out the best in local lawns.
Lots of fungus among us.
Purple flower. Dunno what kind.
Some kind of bee in the flowers.
Okay, so this group of flowers was pretty pretty.
Mom said these were poisonous.
Reminiscent of spider lilies but much smaller.
A Dekalb avenue intersection with a pickup truck. (There are approximately zero pickup trucks in Singapore.)
Historical plaque about how the Cyclorama (basically a huge mural about the Civil War) shows the Atlanta battlefield from this location. Also, some barbed wire on a rusty fence.
The tail lights on mom’s Subaru (far left) have now been fixed by the nice folks at what we like to call “Oger Jordan Garage” because for a long time the R was missing.
The proprietor has a sense of humor. The text at the bottom says: “Bill, Don, Neil, Todd, Eric, Graem, Donner & Blitzen (The ‘Oger Jord’n Gang)”
Singapore has no rusty cars. Because the government makes it so expensive to own a car in the first place, all the cars here are either less than ten years old, or they’re meticulously well cared-for antiques.