Asian Civilisations Museum

My husband and I went to the Asian Civilisations Museum.

We walked through all the exhibits that were open. We saw the Tang shipwreck exhibit, the Chinese scholar exhibit, the Chinese ceramics exhibit, the performing arts exhibit, the trade exhibit, the Islamic foyer, and the ancient religions exhibit.

Below are notes on a couple of the things we saw.

Glimpsed at the Asian Civilisations Museum

Bezoars exist! They weren’t invented by J.K. Rowling for Harry Potter. They come from animal stomachs and were thought to have healing powers. This one was bigger than I would have expected—at least as big as a golf ball—and had its own silver case.
There were two very cool wave-like displays of dozens of bowls.
In the curved reflection on a mirrored column, we look skinnier than usual.

There were some amazing gold dishes in the Tang shipwreck along with an astonishing quantity of those glazed bowls. Museum pieces are often damaged, dusty, or darkened with time, but gold is gold forever.