Mobile Phone Protective Case

After I bought a Samsung S7 from a friend, I immediately bought a rubbery (thermoplastic polyurethane) case for it at the nearest mobile phone accessory kiosk. (Throw a rock in any direction in downtown Singapore and you’ll hit ten such kiosks.)

The text on the package is hilarious…


So apparently there is a company called Y2K in Singapore that manufactures its own brand of mobile phone accessories. I wish I could explain why. The company was founded in 2002, not in, say 1999, when the turn of the millennium was the subject of constant chatter. The website is copyright 2011, and thus—ironically—not mobile friendly.

Mobile Phone Protective Case

The features of my $10 protective phone case, as listed on the front, are:


Maybe “weight” is misspelled because of a copy/paste error that cut off the last letter of the word, thus changing it from a noun to a verb. Maybe it’s misspelled because someone isn’t good at distinguishing English parts of speech. In any case, although the adjective is one word (“lightweight”), the third item in this list should also be a noun, so “light weight” would be correct.

“Perfect” is spelled correctly in the product tagline, though the tagline seems to be misusing the word “and” somehow:

Maybe I’d have written “A perfect fit and protection…”

Products Specification

Oh, look, another plural noun adjunct, and a missing plural so thoroughly unsurprising that I almost failed to notice it. That should be “product specifications”.

  • Protects your mobile phone from scratches, scuffs and accidental drops. (ok)
  • Give your phone a fabulous tailored look. (That should be “gives”, even though—especially because—the imperative also makes sense.)
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports. (Wait, now the list is a mix of sentences and noun phrases…)
  • Gently covered with ultimate protection. (Gah! Now there’s an adjective phrase in the list too, and I’m not even sure what the adjective is meant to refer to, the case or the phone!)

Factors To Be Caution At The Time Of Use

I think I would just have written “CAUTION”.

  • If it contaminated with dirt, do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. (Change to “Do not clean with liquid or aerosol cleaners.”)
  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning. (ok)
  • Do not apply too much impact or over exertion of power when cleaning. (“Clean gently.” See how easy that was?)
  • Excessive exposure to flame or direct sunlight can be a cause to colour change of the case. (“The case may change colour as a result of excessive exposure to flame or direct sunlight.”)

Thank You For Purchasing This Product

You’re welcome. Keep up the good work.