As I’ve explained, I’m not a fan of lists with items that don’t match up.

There is one such list on the side of this Hafary van. See below for an explanation.

The list on the van says:

  • ceramic
  • homogenous
  • mosaic
  • stones
  • marble
  • bldg materials

What parts of speech are those?

  • “ceramic” is an adjective
  • “homogenous” is an adjective
  • “mosaic” is… an adjective?
  • “stones” is a noun, and should probably be uncountable, not plural
  • “marble” is an uncountable noun
  • “bldg materials” is a plural countable noun

What really gets me about this van is that I have no idea what noun “homogenous” is modifying in this context, though I know it means something like “of uniform composition”.

The keenest-eyed among you have noticed that “homogenous” is a misspelling of “homogeneous”. The internet tells me that’s a lost battle, but you and I, we know better.

It turns out that Hafary has a pretty decent website and sells homogeneous tile. Yeah, they spelled it right on the website! They just need to update the text on the van one of these days.