West Lake Boat Trip

My boyfriend Siqi and I took his parents to Xi Hu (Hangzhou’s famous West Lake) to see the scenery. We walked around and also took a boat ride across. We saw the famous “three pools mirroring the moon”. Kinda.

I like mountains better than lakes, but the sky over the lake was gorgeous when the sun started going down! I’ve selected the best few photos out of the many many many I took.

A stroll around Xihu

We’ve arrived at the edge of the lake! I’d visited before, and so had Siqi (he’s been living in Hangzhou for a while) and so had his mom (who visited him before). But his dad had never been and had always wanted to. He posed for Siqi to take photos, looking very solemn and important. He was delighted with the place.

We saw some very colorful ducks.

All aboard!

When we got to the docks where the tourists boats were loading, Siqi’s dad suddenly decided we’d go on a boat trip too, so we bought tickets and climbed on to wait for the boat to be full. Then we were off across the lake! I’m so glad we went.


In this photo, you can see the three famous stone lanterns sticking up out of the lake. At night, lit up, they create “three pools mirroring the moon”. The lantern thing is a symbol used to represent Hangzhou.

We did not disembark and explore the island near the stone lanterns.

The boat was decorated with phoenixes.

This was the inside of the boat.

I’m sure this image tells a story, but I have no idea what it is.

Sky and mountains and water

Back on land, I took some photos at the edge of the lake before we left to walk back to the car, parked under a mall in the city center nearby.

Usually by the time I finish sorting through and editing a batch of photos, I’m kinda sick of them. Not these. The light in the sky and on the water still looks amazing.