Tirana, Albania (Day 1, banquet)

At the end of a very, very long day of walking (over 20,000 steps), I was amply rewarded with a huge, delicious meal and live music in the most atmospheric place you could dream up.

The restaurant was called Sofra e Ariut. Check them out on social media:

See below for photos related to the workshop that hosted the banquet and photos of the restaurant.


The venue for the workshop my husband attended was the Economics department of the University of Tirana.
It was the 1st Sino-European Workshop on Opportunities and Cooperation in Computer Architecture R&D and RISC-V. Sponsored by VRULL.
Same sign but with a schedule outline.
Group photo of workshop participants.


Salad has arrived. Wine is coming.
Awesome chandelier.
Stone fireplace, complete with candlesticks and national bird crest.
Lovely music provided by these musicians. She even sang a song in Chinese.
Fantastic dining room.
We’ve finished eating. Goodnight!