Jackie Chan comes to Plaza Singapura to launch Kung Fu Yoga

When I went to see Railroad Tigers, I saw signs heralding Jackie Chan’s visit to Plaza Singapura, so I made sure I was there. I should have made sure I was there earlier…

Below are the best of the lousy photos I managed to snap amidst the forest of arms. Clearly I was not cut out for the life of the paparazzi. Still, I did get to hear and glimpse one of my favorite movie stars, which is a thing I never really expected would happen—especially because Jackie Chan routinely almost dies.

The MC told us that Jackie Chan secretly went for surgery during the filming of Kung Fu Yoga (!).

MC gets photobombed by Jackie Chan’s movie poster while keeping the waiting crowd entertained.
And now Jackie Chan has arrived! That’s him in the white jacket, can you see? No? Okay, well, take my word for it. That guy on the right, with the telphoto lens, probably got a great shot.
There’s Jackie, right in the gap between the heads…
The movie’s actresses are more or less basking in reflected glory.
Here we all are, promoting the movie, mostly in Chinese.
Come see the movie, you guys! We love you! We love Singapore! Thank you!

In English, Jackie Chan said something about trying his best even though he is not young anymore. [sniff sniff] Keep up the good work, man!

Jackie Chan
The escalators of the newly renovated Plaza Singapura.
No more forest of arms.