Temporary footpath diversion

Singapore is tidy.

Most of the time I take the tidiness for granted, though I immediately remember whenever I go just about anywhere else.

Still, once in a while, something in Singapore astonishes me. This temporary footpath diversion on Clementi Road is a prime example.

I was walking along Clementi Road towards Pasir Panjang. Near the campus entrance, some huge pipes had to be laid, which meant digging up the sidewalk, leaving nowhere for pedestrians to walk. I only noticed this state of affairs after I crossed the street (at the striped “zebra crossing” on the diagram), and at first I thought I would have to cross back to the other side of the street to continue along Clementi Road, and cross using the nearby overpass or at the next intersection. Not so!

Helpful, apologetic signs directed me down a temporary footpath. And what a footpath it was!

There was a kind of wall around the construction area. Some green netting was strung up to either side of the path where it went through some bushes. Part of the path was paved and had yellow paint stencils of footprints on it, as if to say, “Welcome! Please walk here!”

Part of the path was a concrete bridge over a drainage ditch. Part of the path was an elevated metal ramp thing built to go over some tree roots because you can’t very well pave over tree roots. There were pipe railings on both sides the whole way.

What really got me chuckling at the absurd amount of thought that must have gone into this whole arrangement was that clamped to the railings there were little solar-powered electric lights.

The fact that there’s a color-coded sign explaining the footpath diversion is pretty amazing, too.

Notice Of Temporary Footpath Diversion For Pipe Laying Works
As part of PUB’s water pipeline works, the existing footpath is temporarily diverted. This project is expected to complete in 4th Quarter 2017.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding on this matter. If you have any concern or query, Please contact the following personnel.

Public Utilities Board, you have not only sought but also successfully obtained my kind understanding on this matter.

In fact, I’m even willing to forgive you for using “complete” as an intransitive verb. 😉