Big Hero 6 (2014)

This was at least the second time I have watched this movie. Here are some scattered thoughts about it (no spoilers).

I like it. It’s fun. Some young people get superpowers because science! (Cue the Arthur C. Clarke quote about sufficiently advanced technology and magic.)

I liked the alternate universe of San Fransokyo.

I keep wanting to call the inflatable healthcare robot “Betamax”, even though his name is “Baymax”.

The scene where Baymax emerges in Hiro’s room for the first time really made me laugh.

The whole movie dances knowingly on the border between parody and wry self-reference: not only does the audience know that the characters are in a superhero team’s origin story, the characters do, too.

The choice of bad guy was a pleasant surprise, and the motivation they gave him made a lot of sense. He wasn’t just evil for the sake of being evil.

Hiro goes on a believable emotional journey. The movie has real heart.

Anything with an airborne joyride in it gets a thumbs up from me.