GAITC 2023

I briefly attended the exposition at the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC) 2023 in Hangzhou at the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Academic Exchange Center.

Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Academic Exchange Center

“Exchange Center, Feel just like a fish in water”

Me with two colleagues, Hu Laoshi and Wang Laoshi. (“Laoshi” is a polite title that literally means “teacher”. I am “Lu Laoshi”!)

Intelligent Computing Booth

Most of the booths were outside, including ours.

We were in the yellow-green area on the left.

That big circle is a decorative pond but also a hole in the roof!

The roof hole is decorated with fish…

Although it was hot, luckily, we weren’t directly under the sun.

On the far right is my boss, Zhang Laoshi.


From the Department of Signs That Say The Opposite of What They Mean, I bring you the following warning:

“Take care to fall into water.”


The boss took the three of us to a sports bar in a nearby Wanda Plaza mall where we shared some food and drinks.

View from the bar window.
View from the bar window.
I don’t know what kind of beer it was, but it was good!

We had edamame with some kind of spicy sauce, barbecue skewers, some sausage, and a fruit platter that included orange slices, watermelon, and tomatoes. (Tomatoes are considered fruit.)