Spring trees at Zhejiang Lab Nanhu Campus

The Zhejiang Lab campus is impressive, not least because a veritable army of gardeners is employed to look after the enormous variety of trees, bushes, grass, and flowers. I appreciate their work daily on my short walk to the main building, and during lunchtime strolls, which take me and my colleagues in different directions on different days.

This post features flowering trees. Some are cherry blossom (sakura), but mostly I don’t know what kind of trees they are; kinda wish I did.

Entrance to Building 9, Zhejiang Hui (a dining hall).

“Enjoy birdsong and flower fragrance.” Thanks, I will! 🙂
Colleagues approaching main building after lunchtime walk.

Main building from a different angle.

The red leaves make it look like fall, but it’s spring…
Took this towards the end of a surreal week-long newcomer training program.