Suzhou Signs

In a world where I can’t read most text, my eye is drawn to all the English. I see lots of funny mistakes. Here are 7 signs you’d never see in the US, spotted on a trip to Suzhou.

This “DO CLIMBING” sign is brought to you by The Department Of Signs That Say The Opposite Of What They Mean.
And you know what’s maybe even funnier? There are dozens of these stickers in the building.
There was an attempt, on this bar menu, to spell “potato”. They did better with “raspberry”. Frankly, I’m surprised there’s not a bacon-flavored cocktail, given how many pork items are on this sign.
This sign saying “LET’S FIT – LET’S FUN” makes perfect sense in Chinese because Chinese doesn’t really make a clear distinction between adjectives and verbs.
Careful Stair. Clear. Concise. Not correct, though.
This sign says “Suzhou Jade Sculpture – Gently Accompaning”. Siqi said the idea here is that if you carry jade with you, it will subtly bring you some benefit.
Seclusive Hotel. Secluded? Exclusive? Both?
“We are in the process of hiring” means the same thing as “Now Hiring”, but the former sounds like an interrupted sentence.