The Road to Suzhou

Every place is a place, and connecting places, there are roads. Along the roads, there are trees, plants, buildings, bridges, lights, power lines, signs, and maybe animals. There are millions of combinations of things you can see out the window of a car. And if you’re not driving, you can take photos. Which is what I did on the road to Suzhou.

Photos on the Road to Suzhou

On the day of our drive, the sky was white. It was just… empty. As if something was supposed to have been put there but had, indefinitely, been forgotten. We joked that we were in a videogame where the sky failed to render.

Pit Stop

We stopped at two highway rest stops. I only went in the first one. It was very new, very clean, and felt a bit like an international airport terminal.

In addition to a gas station, this rest stop has a Starbucks, a KFC, maybe four other food & beverage outlets, a fruit kiosk (?!), a clothing store, a candy store, a convenience store, a spacious restroom with some western toilets, and signs in respectable English.
Oh, and it has stars on one part of the ceiling! = )

More Infrastructure

If not for the Chinese on the signs, this could be a highway bridge in the US.


We went past a huge flock of big white birds perched in some trees. Egrets? Storks? Herons? I dunno, but whatever they are, I never saw so many all at the same time! Took some lousy photos of them:

Those white specks? Those are birds.
So. Many. Birds.
Giant roadside billboards don’t exist in Singapore, and the highways I’ve been on in and around Hangzhou don’t have any, so these were unexpected.

Almost There

Exiting the toll road. The sign on the right says “SUPERWID” (super-wide truck lane).
Welcome to Suzhou, beautiful city of gardens…

Suzhou is somewhat more interesting when you get to the center. That’s a separate blog post.