Four books from

Singapore online bookseller has done some good branding work. The bubble envelope is bold and cheerful, and the books I ordered came with a friendly note on which someone had written my name, and a little word search that promotes local authors.

See below to find out which books I ordered. (They were on sale.)

Four Books from

Two of them are picture books and not local.

Achimpa: The Mysterious Word by Catarina Sobral
I love this book. It’s like Frindle by Andrew Clements in that it teaches readers that language is what you make it.
Get in Line! by Kristin Roskifte
This book shows people queueing up for something or other across every page until the end, when you find out what they’re all waiting for. It’s cute.
Tiananmen: 25th Anniversary Edition by Morgan Chua
This is a book of political cartoons by a Singapore-born artist.
Fridays with Philip by Philip Lee
This is a book of newspaper columns by a Singapore journalist.