Tirana, Albania (Day 3)

On the third day in Tirana, I took some cards in addressed envelopes to the hotel front desk and said I wanted to mail them. They told me I needed stamps. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!) They did not have any to sell me, or any idea that a hotel might be expected to have such things. (They were more helpful when I asked to swap some small coins with them, so as to collect a whole set.)

So Siqi and I went to find the post office and mail my cards, then went and visited some of the interesting places I’d explored previously on my own, including the book stalls at Rinia Park.

See below for photos of:

  • Namazgah Mosque
  • Park Fan Stilian Noli
  • Statues of the Unknown Soldier and Sheshi Sulejman Pasha
  • Skanderbeg Square
  • Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

From the Post Office to Skanderbeg Square

Namazgah Mosque (apparently almost complete but not open).
Fountain in Park Fan Stilian Noli.
Same fountain… incidentally, this park is on a segment of road named after George W. Bush.
I really like this photo of the statue of the unknown soldier.
… whereas this is a TERRIBLE photo of the Statue of Sheshi Sulejman Pasha.

Skanderbeg Square

Tirana International Hotel, InterContinental Hotel, and Palace of Culture.
Tirana International Hotel, InterContinental Hotel, and Palace of Culture.
Albanian flag in the breeze.
Siqi and Lucy Day on squares in the square!
Palace of Culture. “I [heart] Tirana” sign.
National Historical Museum.
Palace of Culture, Tirana Clock Tower.
InterContinental Hotel, Tirana International Hotel, unsuspecting pedestrian.

Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

The Cathedral’s clock tower.
Wiiiiide-angle photo.
Circular interior, with circular chandelier.
Grumpy Jesus is still grumpy.
Still a work in progress.
The crucifixion.
Sunlit door.
Shiny mosaic in the archway.
Soooo many arches!

Next stop: the Dajti Ekspres Cable Car!