Ruth Chew books from Japan

Below are photos of the three Ruth Chew books translated into Japanese and published in Japan in 2016, which I just ordered by mail from

The Amazon Japan website is easy to use (there’s a button to switch the site to English), and you can check out with USD, but now I keep getting emails (marketing emails, presumably) from Amazon in Japanese!

See below for more photos of these exotic books.

They’re paperbacks, but they have dust jackets.
They read “back to front”, so that’s the title page.
That’s what’s on the “back”, which is what we would think is the front of the book.
They all have these paper bookmarks sticking out the top. All the interior illustrations, as well as the covers, have been redone by a Japanese artist.
That’s a list of all the books in the Japanese series so far.
And there they all are on my shelf! Not in order.