Jane Eyre (2006)

In this four-hour BBC miniseries version of Jane Eyre, there is much that’s missing; despite its length, it still felt rushed compared to the book. I’m sure the 2011 movie is even more rushed in comparison.


See below for some differences between the miniseries and the novel.

Miniseries vs. Novel

  • In the miniseries, it was Jane’s fault Rochester’s horse fell. That really changes the scene!
  • In the miniseries, Rochester did not dress up as a gypsy, he hired a woman to be the gypsy. That made the gypsy’s conversation with Jane a lot less intimate and authentic.
  • In the miniseries, Adele was left to Rochester as a baby, not brought up by her mother, yet she still sang and danced as if she had lived with her mother. That didn’t make sense.
  • The tree was struck by lightning, but did not burn up. The symbol isn’t nearly as powerful in the miniseries!
  • In the miniseries, Rochester’s arm did not get amputated after the fire.
  • How the lawyer heard about Jane’s wedding was not explained in the miniseries.
  • There’s all this stuff about twins and brain science added in the miniseries.
  • There’s a scene in the miniseries where Jane apologizes for not asking permission to read the books in the library, and he says she’s a thinking woman and can of course read them. That’s not in the book.
  • In the miniseries, St John says he wants to take Jane to Africa (not India).