Slightly awkward but perfectly serviceable English on this clothes rack box

I have doubts about the “uniqueness” of the “workmanship” of the clothes rack, but the assembly instructions are quite respectable. See below for details.

Single-pole Telescopic Clothes Hanger

The instructions (see image below) are neither grammatically correct nor as polished as IKEA’s, which perhaps wisely omit text altogether, but they get the job done. The only thing I can’t understand is the advice about something called a “counterpoise”, which I gather means something having to do with weight distribution or balance.

“MADE IN CHINA” Yeah, I figured.

Parts Diagram
Single-Pole Garment Rack

Notice before assemble
Don’t touch the brim of the fitting
Check the quantity of all the fitting before assemble
Assemble the garment rack according right sequence

Notice when assemble
All the fitting must be tight when assemble
Take glove during assemble it

Notice of placed after assemble
Don’t swing from it
Please check the counterpoise before use
Don’t use it in strong wind
Please keep all the fitting locked before use

The thing is great, as long as you don’t put heavy wool coats on it—in which case the tubes for support stop actually supporting the top tube, regardless of how tight the fittings are when assemble. Ah well. Still good for laundry.

I bought this rack in a local shop, but you can get both the single and the double pole versions online.

I think what I need for heavy stuff is a rack made from wood or bamboo.