Miscellaneous editions of Crime and Punishment

On We Love Translations, I’ve posted to help people answer the question “What’s the best translation of Crime and Punishment?”

But when I was learning about the 14 different translations, I also encountered some interesting adaptations.

There’s a version of Crime and Punishment written for English language learners, some online study guides, a children’s book, some out-of-print comics, a graphic novel, and even a manga version. See below for details.

“Is there a student or ESL version of : Crime and Punishment?”

Yes. The Level 6 Pearson/Penguin Reader for Crime and Punishment (ISBN 9781405882620, 120 pages) has an introduction, list of characters, word list and activities.

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“I need a study guide for Crime and Punishment!”

Try one of these.

Shmoop Guide for Crime and Punishment

SparkNotes Guide for Crime and Punishment

CliffsNotes Guide for Crime and Punishment

“I’m looking for a children’s edition of Crime and Punishment.”

Really? Well, I thought that was not a thing since it’s a novel about a murder… but I was wrong.

The 2016 Pushkin Children’s adaptation of Crime and Punishment in the Save the Story series is a hardcover measuring approximately 8″ x 10″ (ISBN 9781782690146, 104 pages). The Story of Crime and Punishment was written by A.B. Yehoshua based on a translation by Stuart Schoffman and illustrated by Sonja Bougaeva. The publisher says it’s a “middle grade” book pitched at ages 8 to 12. It looks like this:

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“Didn’t there used to be some comics of Crime and Punishment?”

Classics Illustrated No 89: Crime and Punishment, published in 1951, 48 pages.
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Classics Illustrated Notes: Crime and Punishment, published in 1997, ISBN 9781578400096, 64 pages. Edited by Andrew Jay Hoffman and illustrated by Rudolph Palais.
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Lake Illustrated Classics: Crime and Punishment, published in 1994, ISBN 9781561036202, 64 pages.
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Pocket Classics: Crime and Punishment, published in 1984, 9780883017494, 61 pages.
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“Is there a graphic novel of Crime and Punishment?”

Check out the 2009 Eye Classics graphic novel of Crime and Punishment, adapted by David Zane Mairowitz, illustrated by Alain Korkos (ISBN 9781411415942, 129 pages).

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“Is there manga of Crime and Punishment?”

Um, yes, actually… Osamu Tezuka originally published a manga adaptation of Crime in Punishment in 1953. Digital Manga Guild produced a version in English (ISBN 9781569703526, 200 pages).

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Read more about the complicated publication history of the manga version of Crime and Punishment: